We're being talked about in Gibraltar!

SIHFP and The Moira Fund are now known in Gibraltar, which is home to playwright and Gibraltar Cultural Ambassador Julian Felice! His play "Ten Minutes" will be featured in our show in March. It will be directed by Greek director Iris Hale and will be perfomed by fellow Gibraltarian and former student of Julian's, Kaigan Garcia, along with Alexander Dover. We were mentioned on news site "Your Gibraltar TV" (link here) and in the Gibraltar Chronicle newspaper (link here). We're really looking forward to staging this play and putting on an absolutely wonderful show in March 2020!


Tickets on sale in January!

Our very first podcast!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we're very proud to share with you

Saw It Here First Productions' very first podcast!!!!

Many thanks to the wonderful hostess

Jennifer Brough of "Don't You Know Who I Am?"
We hope you enjoy!

Available on Soundcloud and Spotify

- Ömer Warman: "The Mysterious Affair at the Christies" by Jennifer O'Grady

- Owain Rose: "Thursday's Child" by Clare Campbell-Collins

- Natalya Micic: "Alternative Therapy" by John Hill
- Sammy Stokes
: "The Fail Of Man" by Russell Nichols

- Rachel Waring: "Fat" by Lloyd Evans
- Andrew Alton-Read: "Unfortunately on this Occasion..." by Tom Pauk

- Gwenan Bain: "Slave Labour" by Darrel Draper
- Emily Bolderstone: "Teachers" by Nicole Adams



We're absolutely delighted to finally announce our directors!! Below is the list, along with the plays they will be directing. Congratulations to you all and thank you for joining us on our adventure!

- Iris Hale: "Ten Minutes" by Julian Felice

- Jane Quill: "The Pit and the Pretender" by Charli Stanton

- Maya Shimmin: "Then and Now" by Colette Cullen
- Mary Groom: "Indignitas" by Jonathan Skinner

- TBC: "Conversation with the Cutter" by Amanda DiGioia

- Christine Mears: "All That Is Gold Does Not Stay" by Sharon Daniels
- David Alwyn: "Collective Groupings of Animals" by Rachael Carnes

- Steve Blacker: "Retinas" by Luke Stapleton


All 119 scripts have now been read and we have chosen the line up for both scratch nights taking place next year at the Theatro Technis Theatre in Camden, London. Many many thanks to EVERYONE who submitted! The final line up is......

"Thursday's Child" by Clare Campbell-Collins
"The Fail Of Man" by Russell Nichols
"Unfortunately on this Occasion"... by Tom Pauk
"Teachers" by Nicole Adams
"Ten Minutes" by Julian Felice
"The Pit and the Pretender" by Charli Stanton

"Retinas" by Luke Stapleton

"Then and Now" by Colette Cullen

"Indignitas" by Jonathan Skinner

"All That Is Gold Does Not Stay" by Elene Hadjidaniel

"Slave Labour" by Darrel Draper

"Collective Groupings of Animals" by Rachael Carnes

"Alternative Therapy" by John Hill

"Conversation with the Cutter" by Amanda DiGioia

"Fat" by Lloyd Evans

"The Mysterious Affair at the Christies"by Jennifer O'Grady

We're joining forces and making a podcast!

Here at SIHFP, we're all for supporting local organisations, such as charities, fellow theatre companies and others. So we're teaming up with the lovely Jennifer Brough to support her blog/podcast company called "Don't You Know Who I Am?"

Jennifer talks to creatives about how they started out, what their process is and how they "keep on keepin’ on". This will be the very first time that SIHFP will have ever been interviewed! We're very excited to talk with her on Thursday 12th September and to talk about our show next year and our work! We'll keep you posted as to when the podcast will be online.

Follow Jennifer and "DYKWIA?" on Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram

Where our proceeds are going

We are extremely proud to announce that the charity we will be supporting through our next show is The Moira Fund.

This charity supports those who are grieving their loved ones who have been murdered. It has been established in memory of Moira Jones, who was murdered in Queens Park, Glasgow, in May 2008.

We have chosen this charity in honour of our friend Cathy Burke who was murdered back in November 2017. We want to dedicate our show to Cathy and her family; to Moira and her family and friends; and to all those who are suffering through the painful bereavement of their loved ones who have been cruelly taken away from them. Thanks to charities like The Moira Fund, help and support is at hand, so that families and friends are not alone through their distressing journey.

For more information, take a look at our fundraising page


We have now booked our spot for next year's show! We are thrilled to be returning to

Theatro Technis Theatre,


A 120 seater theatre based in

Central London!!

We will be performing on:

Saturday 7th and

Sunday 8th March 2020

Tickets will be on sale nearer the time

We're accepting script submissions for 2020!

THAT'S RIGHT! We had such a great time at our sold out shows last time and loved raising money for charity - so we're doing it again!

We are looking into staging our show in March again - so for now we're asking writers to submit their scripts.

If you would like to submit a 10 - 15 minute script which has a maximum of 4 characters which does not require any set (just minimal props and moveable set, like a table, chairs etc) and minimal sound effects, then send your scripts to elene_h@hotmail.com

The deadline for submissions is the 21st June.

When you send your scripts, please state in your e-mail that you are happy for your piece to be performed with profits going to charity.

We look forward to hear from you!

Proudly supporting "The Moira Fund"  -  www.themoirafund.org.uk
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