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Saturday 7th March

- "Teachers" by Nicole Adams

- "Unfortunately on this Occasion..."

by Tom Pauk

- "The Pit and the Pretender"

by Charli Stanton

- "All That Is Gold Does Not Stay"

by Elene Hadjidaniel


- "A Conversation with the Cutter"

by Amanda DiGioia

- "Fat" by Lloyd Evans

- "Retinas" by Luke Stapleton

- "Alternative Therapy" by John Hill

Sunday 8th March

- "Ten Minutes" by Julian Felice

- "Then and Now" by Colette Cullen

- "The Fail of Man"

by Russell Nichols

- "The Mysterious Affair at the

Christies" by Jennifer O'Grady


- "Slave Labour" by Darrel Draper

- "Collective Groupings of Animals"

by Rachael Carnes

- "Indignitas" by Jonathan Skinner

- "Thursday's Child "

by Clare Campbell Collins

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