Farewell & Thank You

It is with a very heavy heart that due to some recent & unexpected events (mainly health related) we are going to be cancelling our next Saw It Here First Productions show entirely and not continuing with the company from here on. I know this is a huge disappointment and very unexpected, especially after the build-up of the show for all this time and all the hard work we have done over the years....but I'm afraid that this needs to be done.

I am very very sorry to announce this sad news. We also apologise to our chosen charity "Kith and Kids" that we won't be able to support them via our show...so instead, please consider donating whatever you can to their truly wonderful cause by donating via their website www.kithandkids.org.uk

Thank you everyone for all your patience, encouragement and support, especially to all of you who have helped and supported us for all these years....I can't even begin to describe how much it has meant to me and still does. Stay well, stay safe and thank you all ever so much - this has been a truly unforgettable adventure.

Elene xx


Our Chosen Charity for 2022!

We are so pleased to announce that we have chosen the charity that we will be supporting at our next show! It's a London based charity called

Kith & Kids.

This amazing charity provides activities, opportunities, information and support for people with a learning disability or autism, their parents and siblings.

More information can be found at www.kithandkids.org.uk

Kith and Kids.png

Welcome Our Directors!

We can't wait to stage our next show in 2022 - more news on dates very soon!

Until then, please welcome our wonderful directors who will be working on our chosen plays!

Emily Brown  - "Caleb and Rita" by Jessica Moss
Jane Quill - "The Result" by Don Casey
Edwin Flay  - "Who Made You Queen?" by Natalya Micic
Owain Rose - "Shouty Helvetica" by Ian Turton
Roel Fox - "Annnd Scene (of the Crime)" by John Busser
Stephen Lanigan O'Keeffe - "Meet The Beatletoons" by Ken Preuss
Jake Hart  - "To Drink Whiskey Purposefully" by Kiran Rajagopal
Mary Groom - "Up On The Roof " by Mark Harvey Levine
Natalya Micic - "Unheard" by Elene Hadjidaniel
Ömer Warman - "The Clear Out" by Phil Johnson
Steve Blacker - "The Hide" by Heather Hampson
Mark Overall - "Small Talk" by Matthew Sheridan
Christine Mears - "Out From Under With Mary" by Chris Shaw Swanson
TBC - "The Petal and The Orchid" by Clare Langford & Gabrielle Curtis
TBC - "Holy Hell" by Barbara Lindsay
TBC - "The Search" by Ciara Cassoni

BBC Documentary nominated for a BAFTA Scotland Award!


We were featured in a documentary back in 2020 and are so thrilled for the Glasgow Films team & The Moira Fund that ‘The Dark Shadow of Murder’ has been nominated for a BAFTA in the single documentary category of the Scottish Film Awards 2021! Huge congratulations to everyone involved, so thoroughly deserved! We wish them so much good luck for the winner's announcement, but we're so happy that they have been nominated!



After reading through 417 scripts, we finally have our line up of 16 plays for our 2021!

Congratulations to all our finalists, we're really looking forward to staging your plays.

As to when we can stage our show live in a theatre...we honestly do not know. Like many other performances, to make it economically viable and to especially raise as much money as possible for charity, we need to fill as many theatre seats as we can - so we have decided to wait until it is safe to do so and burst back into theatre land with a bang! But in the meantime, do keep following us on here and our social media pages, as we will be introducing our writers and directors and announce the charity we will be supporting.

Help us keep the arts alive and kicking!