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Beatrice Jones - Chair of "The Moira Fund"

(Photo taken from The Sunday Post article)

We have had the absolute honour to hear from Moira's mother herself - Beatrice Jones - who is the Chair of the charity.

Dear Elene,

Your email has come as a wonderful surprise..... It is so good for us that there are folk out there who really do understand the devastation visited on a family by murder - unfortunately that understanding often comes as a result of personal experience, like yours, and we would not wish that on anybody.

We would be absolutely delighted if you and "Saw It Here First Productions" raised money Moira's charity. That would be a really big deal for us - a wonderful one.

The Moira Fund is a very small charity, registered and established in 2009. We are a very small group of unpaid volunteers working out of our back bedroom to keep down running costs and we have no official funding whatsoever, are entirely dependent on donations and fundraisers, the goodwill of many caring others. We have been told however, that we "punch far above our weight" and to date have helped more than 1000 families nationwide in a variety of ways, families struggling to cope financially as well as emotionally with the loss of a loved one through murder. We can only do this with the help of folks like you and we are very grateful indeed.

I am very impressed by your website. It so clearly explains all that you do and want to do and why, it is succinct but at the same time infused with warmth.... I like it very much.

Elene, thank you so much. You have given me such a boost and you are raising our profile too, which is wonderful. Please let me know it we can help in any way in the time ahead.

Kindest regards,
Beatrice Jones

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