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Ian Black -  Assistant Producer
Ian Black has been in the acting business for twenty five years – from playing Fleshcreep in "Jack & The Beanstalk" (Leeds Civic) and the Nazi Dr Heimerich in "The 4th Reich" (Feature), to Jesus (numerous times) in productions of the Leeds and Chester "Mystery Cycles" - he’s run the full gamut of Baddy to Goody. When asked once what his favourite role was, he replied “The one I’m currently playing – it’s the one that’s always full of possibility”.

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Xander - Theatre Technician

Xander is a theatre technician with a background in amateur and fringe theatre as well as experience in TV and radio. They trained with NYT this summer, where they were able to expand their theatre lighting skill set and work on three new plays. Following this, Xander worked as an assistant lighting designer, rigger and sound engineer, and is now a venue technician at The Other Palace Theatre

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Tatanya Lowed-Spence - Assistant Stage Manager
Tatanya has 16 years of experience in the UK and overseas in natural history, and, is also an accredited International News Syndicate journalist/PR and media pass holder that can cover an array of subjects as demonstrated by some of her published and bespoke articles. Tatanya’s objective, however, is to combine both these passions into one consolidated career within the entertainment and performing arts industries, principally within film, radio, television and theatre productions using and applying her technical skills in event, live and stage management.
Tatanya is very excited and thankful to have the opportunity to work with the 16 directors, 16 scripts, 33 actors and the 3 members of crew as part of the 2020’s Saw It Here First Productions' show.