We've heard from The Moira Fund!


The money we raised for The Moira Fund is now safely in its bank account and we have received such a lovely letter from Beatrice, Moira's mother. She writes:

Dear Elene,
I write on behalf of The Moira Fund to say a huge thank you for the wonderful £1735.09 that you have raised for us with your "From Script to Stage" performances on 7th and 8th of March. As well as thoroughly enjoying our night out, we appreciate so much all the hard work that was put into their success and also the reasons that you chose our charity to benefit reasons which promote understanding of the plight of the families left behind.

In the last few weeks with the huge increase of concern about the coronavirus, we are even more mindful of the importance to us of your superb contribution. Most of our fundraisers involve quite large groups of people coming together and there is now a huge question mark hanging over them. Having your help at the start of what could well be a lean spell has lifted us all.

As I said on Sunday, we couldn't do what we do by ourselves and we are so very grateful to so many. We cannot take away pain or grief from heartbroken, badly-traumatised families, no one can do that, but if we can reduce the extra stress which financial pressures bring at this time then we have helped just a little and have let them know there are folks out there who care.

Thank you for caring Elene. Thank you for helping us to help these others in Moira's name and please pass on our sincere thanks to all who contributed, all who supported you in your mission to help.

Yours sincerely,
Beatrice Jones
The Moira Fund

Thank you so much to everyone involved in the show, all those who attended and everyone who has donated and supported us.......you're all stunnin' ⭐


We're absolutely over the moon to announce that from our show and very generous donations people have made over the last couple of months, we have raised for The Moira Fund a grand total of


This is truly incredible! HUUUUGE thanks to everyone who helped make this possible

- to all our playwrights, directors, actors, crew, audience members and donators ❤️
Thank you all.......you are stunnin'! 🌟


We are featured in

The Gibraltar Chronicle!

Without realising it, we had a journalist for the Gibraltar Chronicle in our audience on Sunday! Many thanks James Neish for writing this great article, it was an honour having Gibraltar with us!

"Ten Minutes" in London
By James Neish
12th March 2020

When local actor Kaigan Garcia took to the stage in London on Sunday there seemed to be a huge sense of pride by the Gibraltarians present – and even among those not there.

This was a Gibraltarian actor. In a play written by a Gibraltarian. In London. And our collective sense of pride was palpable.

Over two nights the Theatro Technis - an independent theatre in Camden with a long history supporting new writing – hosted a selection of short plays. Among those was “Ten Minutes” written by Julian Felice.

Both actor and director have worked together in Gibraltar and Kaigan told me it was “definitely” a proud moment for him. “It feels like things came full circle. I haven't worked on something with Julian since 2012 so to a degree it was a bit emotional,” he added.

This was a charity performance in aid of The Moira Fund. A small UK charity which supports those traumatically bereaved by the murder of a loved one.

As I arrived at the theatre on a wet London Sunday evening I was quickly met by the warmth of a group of Gibraltarians. For me the theatre is a short walk from where I live in North London but for others it was a considerable train journey. As we recognised ourselves as llanitos we quickly started chatting like old friends. Mostly strangers and yet not quite.

Kaigan says performing is always “nerve-wracking” but you “have to make sure those nerves are used efficiently on stage” and having familiar faces sitting in the front row gave him a “few extra butterflies”. You need confidence to go on stage, I suppose you need an extra boost of that when you perform with your co-star Vinay Lad in his boxers.

I’ve said it before – particularly on the back of my GBC TV show ‘A Life Abroad’. We all have different lives but as Gibraltarians we all share a bond that unites us. Whether that is because we come from a small place and in ‘Los Londres’ (as we affectionately call it – even if you are in Surrey or Wales) we are all small fish in a big pond or because our sense of community is huge. There is always something special about bumping into fellow Gibraltarians.

It’s also our determination to succeed in competitive environments that’s to be admired. It’s a tough profession. As the musical Fame reminds us (where Gibraltarian Simon Bolland has been starring recently) if you want fame “it costs” and you start paying with sweat to be in the “hardest profession in the world.”

Behind a dream is years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Success does not knock on doors, you need to go out and chase it. Even then talent may just not be enough.

When asked about it Kaigan told me: “Acting in London is super tough, you need to be extremely thick-skinned and disciplined to pursue a career in the industry. It is not for everyone and I dare say it’s not even for me! It is an unstable career and there are months between auditions that can really affect how you feel about your worth. However, at the same time when you do land a job it feels like you're on top of the world, no matter how big or small the project may be!”

The event was organised by “Saw It Here First Productions” which gives writers, directors and performers a platform to share their talent and try out original material. Writers are invited to submit scripts for considerations, even at this level competition can be fierce.

Julian Felice, who was present to watch the play, must be congratulated for having his work selected. I had a quick read on the other playwrights and it’s interesting to see how everyone has a story to tell. From a cancer survivor to an award-winning playwright. From those who started writing just a few years ago to one who lives out of a backpack with his wife, vagabonding around the world since 2011.

But, it’s not only the stories behind the plays that caught my attention. It was the talent on display that didn’t need a fancy stage or setting. Once again the argument that Gibraltar needs a small theatre space for this kind of production comes to mind.

Not everything is the West End. Locally we sometimes have a tendency to think there is just one step between being on stage at the Ince’s Hall Theatre and Hollywood. And yet that gap is full of hundreds of thousands who constantly make a living out of their craft but whose names we will never know or remember. Not because of that is it a less honourable trade. To go out there into the big unknown world and give it a shot is commendable in itself.

Kaigan said: “London is a great place to perform in, having a large theatre community feels like any work that is put on is supported by a larger pool of people.”

One of the plays on the night was about how as humans we sometimes take great joy in seeing others fail. This may be true in many circumstances and a sad reflection of life. For those of us who went along to the play this was definitely not the case. We took great pride in seeing Kaigan and Julian succeed.“


Another show completed!


And the door closes on another phenomenal and unforgettable show. The amount of work, dedication and love put into this weekend by everyone is truly incredible and fills our hearts until they're about to burst! ❤️ To every playwright, director, actor, crew member and audience member - we thank you for being part of such a wonderful weekend and for helping towards raising money for the incredible "The Moira Fund" - no words can describe how much it means ❤️
We were absolutely honoured to have Beatrice and Hu Jones, Moira's parents and founders of the charity, and Deputy Chairman Colin Field at our show on the Sunday, along with a filming crew maming a BBC documentary about the charity's wonderful work! The Moira Fund shared a lovely post on their news page on their website and said:


"Bea, Hu and Colin enjoyed a wonderful night at ‘From Script to Stage’ by Elene Hadjidaniel’s Saw It Here First Productions at Camden, London on Sunday night. Elene wanted the productions to honour her friend Cathy Burke who was murdered in 2017. This lovely lady’s not-for-profit production company raised around an amazing £1500 for us, she honoured Cathy and she honoured Moira and she certainly gave The Moira Fund a huge boost. The Moira Fund would like to say a huge thank you to Elene, the writers, actors, crew and everyone that attended over the two nights."


We're absolutely delighted to share with you the news that a filming crew making a BBC documentary about "The Moira Fund" and their amazing work will be joining us at our show! They will be present on the Sunday 8th March. Please come along and support this incredible charity and be a part of a TV and theatre making! ❤️

Video Camera

Our plays are going places!

Do you remember the play "Post, Tweet, Like, Repeat" from our show last year, written by Laura Shoebottom? It had its debut right here at Saw It Here First Productions...and it will be aired on BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex on Monday 17th February between 8 and 10pm!!! The original cast Pamela Hall, Kim Harrison and Georgia Clare will be featuring. Congratulations Laura! 🍾🥂
We're over the moon that plays we have staged are making their way out there....why not make sure you "see them here first" at our shows!
Our next show is on Sat 7th & Sun 8th March and we're raising money for The Moira Fund, where there will be a tv crew filming for a BBC documentary!
Tickets available here


An Interview with Founder & Producer

Elene Hadjidaniel

Very honoured to have been asked to be interviewed by American playwright Rachael (who will have her short play "A Collective Grouping of Animals" staged at our show this year).

Click on this link and find out more about us and our show!

2020-02-15 (1).png

Our plays are going places!

Do you remember the monologue "Scab" from our last show last year, written by Luke Stapleton? It had its debut right here at Saw It Here First Productions....and now it's going on to the VAULT FESTIVAL in London! 🤩 We're absolutely thrilled to hear this news and we're honoured that you "Saw It Here First" at our show!!

(Now you see how we chose the company name?! 😉)
Another one of Luke's plays called "Retinas" will be featured at our show this year, along with 15 other fantastic plays! Money from ticket sales will be going to the incredible charity  "The Moira Fund"❤️ So come and see the magic starting right here at SIHFP!
Tickets available here



We're so excited here at SIHFP......we have received news that Moira's parents,

Bea and Hu (who founded and are running the charity called "The Moira Fund" that we are supporting) will be coming to watch our show! 🤩 Please come and join us for a wonderful weekend of theatre and let's raise as much money as we can for such an incredible charity!!! ❤️ Get your tickets here


We're being talked about in Gibraltar!

Kaigan Garcia-7861_1.jpg

SIHFP and The Moira Fund are now known in Gibraltar, which is home to playwright and Gibraltar Cultural Ambassador Julian Felice! His play "Ten Minutes" will be featured in our show in March. It will be directed by Greek director Dani Arch and will be perfomed by fellow Gibraltarian and former student of Julian's, Kaigan Garcia, along with Vinay Lad. We were mentioned on news site "Your Gibraltar TV" (link here) and in the Gibraltar Chronicle newspaper (link here). We're really looking forward to staging this play and putting on an absolutely wonderful show in March 2020!

Tickets on sale here


Our very first podcast!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we're very proud to share with you

Saw It Here First Productions' very first podcast!!!!

Many thanks to the wonderful hostess Jennifer Brough of "Don't You Know Who I Am?" We hope you enjoy!

Available on Soundcloud and Spotify




We're absolutely delighted to finally announce our directors!! Below is the list, along with the plays they will be directing. Congratulations to you all and thank you for joining us on our adventure!

- Ömer Warman: "The Mysterious Affair at the Christies" by Jennifer O'Grady

- Owain Rose: "Thursday's Child" by Clare Campbell-Collins

- Natalya Micic: "Alternative Therapy" by John Hill
- Sammy Stokes
: "The Fail Of Man" by Russell Nichols

- Samantha Pears: "Fat" by Lloyd Evans
- Andrew Alton-Read: "Unfortunately on this Occasion..." by Tom Pauk

- Gwenan Bain: "Slave Labour" by Darrel Draper

- Emily Bolderstone: "Teachers" by Nicole Adams

- Iris Hale: "Ten Minutes" by Julian Felice

- Jane Quill: "The Pit and the Pretender" by Charli Stanton

- Maya Shimmin: "Then and Now" by Colette Cullen
- Mary Groom: "Indignitas" by Jonathan Skinner

- Imy Wyatt Corner: "Conversation with the Cutter" by Amanda DiGioia

- Christine Mears: "All That Is Gold Does Not Stay" by Sharon Daniels
- David Alwyn: "Collective Groupings of Animals" by Rachael Carnes

- Steve Blacker: "Retinas" by Luke Stapleton



All 119 scripts have now been read and we have chosen the line up for both scratch nights taking place next year at the Theatro Technis Theatre in Camden, London. Many many thanks to EVERYONE who submitted! The final line up is......

"Thursday's Child" by Clare Campbell-Collins
"The Fail Of Man" by Russell Nichols
"Unfortunately on this Occasion"... by Tom Pauk
"Teachers" by Nicole Adams
"Ten Minutes" by Julian Felice
"The Pit and the Pretender" by Charli Stanton

"Retinas" by Luke Stapleton

"Then and Now" by Colette Cullen

"Indignitas" by Jonathan Skinner

"All That Is Gold Does Not Stay" by Elene Hadjidaniel

"Slave Labour" by Darrel Draper

"Collective Groupings of Animals" by Rachael Carnes

"Alternative Therapy" by John Hill

"Conversation with the Cutter" by Amanda DiGioia

"Fat" by Lloyd Evans

"The Mysterious Affair at the Christies"by Jennifer O'Grady


We're joining forces and making a podcast!

Here at SIHFP, we're all for supporting local organisations, such as charities, fellow theatre companies and others. So we're teaming up with the lovely Jennifer Brough to support her blog/podcast company called

"Don't You Know Who I Am?"

Jennifer talks to creatives about how they started out, what their process is and how they "keep on keepin’ on". This will be the very first time that SIHFP will have ever been interviewed! We're very excited to talk with her on Thursday 12th September and to talk about our show next year and our work! We'll keep you posted as to when the podcast will be online. Follow Jennifer and "DYKWIA?" on Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram

moira jones.jpg

Where our proceeds are going

We are extremely proud to announce that the charity we will be supporting through our next show is

The Moira Fund.

This charity supports those who are grieving their loved ones who have been murdered. It has been established in memory of Moira Jones, who was murdered in Queens Park, Glasgow, in May 2008.

We have chosen this charity in honour of our friend Cathy Burke who was murdered back in November 2017. We want to dedicate our show to Cathy and her family; to Moira and her family and friends; and to all those who are suffering through the painful bereavement of their loved ones who have been cruelly taken away from them. Thanks to charities like The Moira Fund, help and support is at hand, so that families and friends are not alone through their distressing journey.

For more information, take a look at our fundraising page