A pleasure to meet up

with Co-Founder of Kith & Kids

Maurice Collins OBE

We are so pleased to announce that we have chosen the charity that we will be supporting at our next show! It's a London based charity called

Kith & Kids.

This amazing charity provides activities, opportunities, information and support for people with a learning disability or autism, their parents and siblings.

Kith & Kids supports families who have a son or daughter with autism or a learning disability (many also have a physical or sensory disability) to overcome their social isolation.

They provide a variety of volunteer-supported projects and services, offering opportunities to learn new skills, make friends, go out and have fun. They offer quality training to hundreds of volunteers throughout the year who support their projects and provide a vital link between their participants and the wider community. They have a Family Support Service which helps parents and siblings by introducing them to other parents and siblings as well as providing individual information and support.

Also their Outreach Service provides information, support and training to families, carers and organisations.

More information can be found at