Saw It Here First Productions are extremely proud to be supporting a very special fund. Money remaining after production costs from ticket sales for our Scratch Night weekend will be going to "Joey's Fund" via the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer  Trust to help children with rare forms of cancer. On the 2nd September 2018, a beautiful little 10 month old boy from Newcastle called Joseph McHarrie Quilliam passed away from one of these rare forms of cancer: an extra-renal (meaning outside of the kidneys) rhabdoid tumour.

"Joey's Fund" was set up by his parents Patrick and Lianne Quiliam and his 3 year old sister Bea to help other children with the same and similar conditions.​ To find out more about lovely little Joey and to donate, please go to:
and join the Facebook page

We're really looking forward to carrying out this project and to raise as much

money as possible for this fantastic fund!

Joey collage.jpg

Our chosen charity for 2019

"Joey's Fund"